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reckoning with whiteness to heal what divides

A Virtual Series for White Women 

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Download this information as a PDF here.

Dates: December 5, 19, January 9, 30, February 20, March 13.

December 5 and February 20, 2021 will be 3-hour sessions; the remainder will be  2-hour sessions.


Today’s profoundly uncertain, dynamic, and volatile sociopolitical climate calls us to awareness, accountability, and action for becoming actively anti-racist by seeing and reconstructing whiteness to be a force for transformative social good for all.


If our purpose is to create more connected, just, healthy communities and foster transformation of racist systems and structures, we must learn to see, listen to, and reckon with our internalized white dominance, as well as white dominance held and perpetuated by our families, communities, workplaces, institutions, and beyond.


This six-part virtual series will engage your mind, body, and spirit. In a spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning, we will connect, explore, listen, and develop ourselves with other white women committed to anti-racism and social justice. This series is meant to foster bottom-up self-awareness and transformation in order to radically and bravely sustain a commitment to social justice and well-being for all. The gathering will explore tools and topics for deconstructing whiteness and racism for white women to include belonging and bias, deep dialogue, ancestral patterns of white supremacy, somatic awareness of racialized trauma and fragility being expressed by the body, neuro-education of the stress responses by white folks to race-focused conversations, white feminism, and understanding the implications of our shared history along with other tools and strategies to help us to transform racism within and out in the world.


If this resonates with you, you can read in more detail about the series, learn more about the facilitators, review expectations and commitments, and complete the application form here.


Facilitated by: Kendra Toth, B.A.Ed., Farah Council, MA, & A. Leslie Anderson, Ph.D., LP, CDE


This workshop/retreat is complementary to, not a replacement for cross-racial dialogue and work. A portion of the proceeds will be donated in support of POC-led community organizations.

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