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About Me

About Me

My journey to working with and from the body emerged during a healing crisis more than a decade ago. After several years working in peacebuilding in Sudan and South Sudan, my body's ability to heal diminished and I was in a constant state of suffering - chronic insomnia, nervous system disorder, heart palpitations, and more. I sensed that my pain was primarily emotional and spiritual, manifesting physically. Not having either the knowledge, skills or awareness at that time to tend, I began to study the neurobiology of trauma. At that time, the word 'somatic' wasn't as popularized as it was today, but learning to listen to my body's messages, and then learning to tend to what needed tending, turned a health crisis into a liberating healing journey. Being in nature offered the most powerful medicine for my journey. This journey continues today - one of study, practice, learning, and service. 

My Bio

I weave together a praxis of equity, systems change, conflict transformation and somatic awareness to catalyze meaningful change at individual, group, and organizational levels. I offer individual somatic sessions as well as coach teams and leaders to address power and dominance in workplace culture. Workplace support is led with a trauma-sensitive approach to develop body awareness, with an intentional focus on how dominance and marginalization are held in and expressed from the body. I have worked with many non-profits across the nation and co-founded an annual six-month series White Women Reckoning with Whiteness. I have an extensive background in nonprofit management, program design and evaluation, and advocacy, and held an adjunct faculty position at the SIT Graduate Institute teaching on inclusion and peacebuilding. Prior to returning home to New Mexico in 2017, I directed women’s inclusion efforts in peace negotiations in Sudan and South Sudan for the Institute for Inclusive Security for nearly a decade. She holds an MA in Conflict Transformation, a BA in Political Science, and has studied yoga therapy and Integral Somatic Psychology. I spend as much time as possible in unpeopled, wild(er) places, learning to listen better, to rest, and to be in better relationship in the world.

My Practice

Individual somatic sessions are best held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and build upon each other. The body's right timing and a client's level of felt safety determine the pace and depth of each session. Somatic work is first and foremost about holding space for you to begin to listen and befriend your body, and it's deep wisdom. Somatic support often entails a mixture of the following experiences and supports: 









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