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Somatic Coaching &
The Wisdom of the Body

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Individual Somatic Sessions & 

Somatic-Based Coaching for the Workplace

Body Literacy

Learning to Listen 

Our bodies are our home. Our wisest ally if we are able to listen. Beautifully designed to feel, move, digest and metabolize the experiences of life - an innate ability lost for many of us through social, cultural, and familial conditioning. Often we are taught to deny our emotional wisdom or to resist painful experiences. We accumulate pain, held in the body or taken out on bodies around us. If we can develop a practice of listening, and tending, to our feelings and knowings, our healing capacity expands. We can begin to sense more clearly a yes or a no, and not override important truths. We feel more like ourselves, and have faculty over feelings and decisions.


Learning to listen to our own bodies also grows our ability to listen to others - not just their words, but what their bodies are sharing with us. Studies show that as much as 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. Our bodies have a language of their own and are communicating all of the time. Body literacy can support better relationships for this reason. Body literacy is about increasing our capacity for listening to and understanding the body and being in right relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the earth. 

My somatic practice is dynamic, ever evolving as I learn from my own body and the bodies of others. Bodies are my teacher. My studies have been at the intersection of neurobiology, interpersonal neurobiology, yoga therapy, Integral Somatic Psychology, trauma-sensitive approaches, conflict transformation (MA), and anti-oppression work. 

I offer individual sessions in person and virtually. My work offers nonjudgemental facilitation of experience. I do not diagnose, though I may refer clients towards additional resources or other types of therapy. I have learned that the wisdom of the body has a right timing and often what we need most is skilled accompaniment or stewardship - to be witnessed, held, and heard. I consider my practice one of stewarding others towards a practice of listening, and I trust how things unfold from there. I also offer executive coaching and group facilitation from a somatic-based stance to address power and positionality within organizations and teams. 



I think you have a tremendous gift to guide healing in other people's bodies. I appreciated your presence with my emotional pain and your willingness to try props and positions. Thank you for doing the work you do, Farah.

Even this first session felt really profound for me in terms of exploring some old material. It felt like new truths were being revealed and like I was accessing a deeper level of pain and emotion around things than I have trying to process them verbally. 

The entire session was healing and what I have found from my work with you in the past, is that the healing continues after the treatments with additional insights and clarity.  You have the ability to touch things deep within me and bring them to the surface where they can be healed and integrated but you never push anything; always allowing my body to decide how far it wants to go. 

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